Social Responsibilities

Conservation and Sustainability

At Aranya Nature Resort – Camp, Trek, Rejuvenate, preserving the natural balance and harmony of the great elements is our utmost priority. We understand our responsibility in preserving the wildlife, especially the Tiger and are very careful in our conservation practices, as it relates to the local way of life, the native flora and fauna and other ecological resources.

Ecologically safe practices include organic and chemical free farming of fruits and vegetables and flavorful as well as medicinal herbs. To promote local artisans and reduce carbon footprint, we make use of local products, like items made out of “Khas” which is used in the Jungle Camps. Khas is a natural air conditioning and cooling agent and has been a part of Indian culture since Vedic times.

It’s hard to believe that a place so close can take you so far away from it all. Our goal is that you leave feeling better than when you arrived. So escape the hustle bustle of the cities and stay with us to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

The discovery of that ‘holiday’ cottage charm combined with the high standard of home comforts and modern facilities many miles from home, is instantly relieving, as you prepare to unwind and take everything at your own pace. Indulge your sense of adventure at a resort of peace, pleasure and tranquility.

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Guest Reviews

We had a group booking, more or less, we occupied all the tents on offer. We had a great time. The food and the ambiance complemented well. Mr Nitesh (Front Office Manager) and his team were more than supportive to fulfill on our demands. Mr Nitesh also helped us arrange an early morning safari. Many thank to him and also to Aranya Nature Resort for making our stay a memorable one.
Prof MSatisfied Customer
My parents visited Aranya Nature Resort for a short holiday and they were taken very good care of, from food to other arrangements. The staff is told to be very warm and courteous, special thanks to Nitesh who was not only looking after them personally, but he kept me updated incase I don't find them within telephone network. Thankyou Aranya Nature Resort management and Nitesh for being a wonderful host. I would highly recommend a stay with them.
NehaSatisfied Customer
Excellent Place to stay at an affordable price... A perfect mixture of camp and luxury Very welcoming staff, helping nature. Everyone lives to the expectations of the Guests and team consist of Mr. Surendra & Nitesh along with Dharamraj, Omprakash, Rajesh who always stood to help and serve us. Excellent food quality and ambience. Good for everyone.... Go for it guys...
Keyur SSatisfied Customer